Frequently Asked Questions

Chicago Helicopter Charters Frequently Asked Questions

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Chicago Helicopter Charters, being the premier helicopter service in Chicago, is unmatched in several ways. One of this would be our unique client service operations. Our trained customer service staff is known to be comforting and useful when it comes to any questions you have. Moreover, we aim to eliminate the modern belief that customer service can be a pain, because we want your experience with Chicago Helicopter Charters to be easy and simple.

We do this by operating under a strict code of ethics, one that has been tuned and improved on through experience and time. This code of ethics outlines the moral obligations of each staff member, so as to remind them of their responsibility to uphold a quality experience for each customer. Whether it be offering timely feedback or simply being friendly over the phone, we are trained to make your experience better. We appreciate each of your interests and wishes, heck, we even understand them.

Customer satisfaction and comfort is of utmost priority, and we aim to uphold our tradition for being a respectable and generally helpful business. Here are answers to a few commonly asked questions.

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How experienced is your company?

Our staff and pilots have unmatched experience when it comes to the safe and successful operation of helicopters. Moreover, through a strict code of ethics and a moral obligation, our staff is bound to ensure the utmost safety and efficiency of every helicopter service we offer.

Do I need to make a reservation?

Yes, anyone interested in a helicopter ride, tour or any other service must call ahead of time to schedule your flight. We recommend calling with as much leeway as conceivable to ensure the availability of the time, pilot(s) and the distinct helicopter.

Do you have a set schedule? What is the ideal time to fly?

Our network of affiliated operations naturally vary in business hours as well as days of operation. However, assuming their active operation and availability, adapt to your schedule and preference of time. We suggest morning or afternoon flights for the best experience. With that said, always schedule in advance.

Does the cost include the entire group or is it advertised per person?

Our advertised cost details the price for passengers in that particular helicopter. As group sizes typically vary, we have a range of helicopters that accommodate differing sizes. Each helicopter has a fixed rate, and the helicopter you will use mostly depends on the size of your group.

Are the flights private or shared?

Our flights are typically private. This meaning your flight is exclusive to your group only. We operate under the belief that a private flight offers more comfort and an overall better experience comparatively.

Are group and customized tours available?

The route and itinerary of your flight can be tailored to suit the preferences and demands of your reservation. Moreover, our broad storage of regularly maintained and efficient helicopters gives us the ability to accommodate large groups by flying multiple helicopters.

How many passengers can you accommodate?

Each helicopter is different in overall function, design and size. However, our helicopters can commonly accommodate anywhere from 2-6 passengers in a single helicopter.

Can we tailor the tour to see our preference of sights?

Of course, keep in mind this depends on your pilot and the partnered operation, but pilots are trained to respect and adapt to the circumstances of your flight to provide a fulfilling and suitable flight.

Can I bring a camera?

Yes, we recommend a camera with a 35mm lense. From experience, this ideally simulates the human eye throughout your flight in Chicago.

Do you offer flights for professional aerial filming and photography?

Yes, we specialize in aerial filming and photography. A section of our helicopter fleet is dedicated to film and photography projects by incorporating the necessary equipment and design of the helicopter. More specifically, we utilize modern equipment and customize the experience by removing doors to provide unobstructed lines of sight as well as a myriad of other customizations.

What about executive charters?

Our pilots are exclusively certified by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to ensure the safety and overall efficiency of each flight. Our streamlined and individualized helicopters are specifically designed to cater to the corporate sector.

What is the helicopter tour cancellation policy?

Simply notify us 72 hours before the reservation, and you can reschedule your flight.

What happens if the weather is bad and how bad does the weather have to be to cancel my flight?

If unfavorable weather conditions ensue on the day of your reservation, you may reschedule for any other available date and time for no additional cost. We, under typical circumstances, cancel a flight due to weather if we notice dense fog, low clouds, poor visibility, lightning, hard winds or heavy rain/snow. Keep in mind that a cancellation due to weather is uncommon.

Are children full price?

Commonly, children 2 years of age or older are full price as they must occupy their own seat. Typically, children under 2 have permission to sit in the adult's lap.

Is the tour narrated?

Keep in mind that this does depend on the personality of your pilot, but a pilot does organically point out major landmarks and answer questions throughout the flight if circumstances permit it. However, his main concern is to ensure the safety of all passengers.

How early should I arrive for my tour?

We recommend arriving at least fifteen minutes before your scheduled flight time. This would allow us sufficient time to check you in and go through a pre-flight checklist regarding safety regulations and expectations. However, the more time the better. Additionally, upon making a reservation you will receive an email confirmation detailing the specifics of your booking including when you should arrive. Because it does vary according to location, type of flight, the season and the time of flight.

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