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As if time stands still.. Distance yourself from the bustle of urbanity and explore a beautiful evening sky of blurry and blended, as if due to poor eyesight, lights in the distance through a helicopter charter. The image of thousands of lights merging to become one united glimmer reflects off the dark skies above Chicago. Each street light, office light and headlight competing to catch your attention, illuminating landmarks and Chicago's general landscape. These lights wander aimlessly for your attention, and they wait for you to experience their liberty through a helicopter charter.

Our helicopter services are unlike any others on the market. Each flight is tailored to suit the needs of each customer. Moreover, they provide a reliable, safe and incredible experience without breaking the bank. Discover every aspect of the realm of flight and we guarantee you won't be disappointed.

There is no need for any other fancy decorations or additives. Simply let yourself go and feel the unabating freedom of flight with Chicago Helicopter Charters today! Simply give us a call at 1-866-806-2456 to get started.

Chicago Helicopter Tour Rides

Helicopter Tours

We have developed a fresh and wide collection of helicopter tours created with an ingrained focus on promoting a higher service quality and an overall better experience. Each tour is designed to cover a specific area and it's respective landmarks, anywhere from the hustle of modern-day city life to the quiet country. Our wide selection of helicopters vary in design and size giving us the opportunity to accommodate small or large groups, without forfeiting the clear and amazing views you anticipate. Because of all this, we can confidently say we create, generally speaking, the best experience by tailoring our tours to the preferences and expectations of the client. read more...

Chicago Helicopter Tour

Helicopter Services

We have fairly earned a credible track record for establishing ourselves as the industry standard for helicopter operations. Moreover, an existing and complementing reputation for being a trustworthy, efficient and dependable operation has inspired us to design helicopter services that increase convenience and accessibility by adapting to the needs and preferences of each customer. We do all this without forfeiting our comparatively affordable prices. Because we see it as our obligation, as the leading provider of all helicopter services, to offer every aspect of the service from helicopter tours and rides to the little things like gift certificates and impeccable customer service.

Illinois Helicopter Rides Chicago

Helicopter Rides

Helicopter rides offer a brief yet similarly exciting option to see Chicago from above for anyone with a tight schedule. We maintain completely adaptable services so as to conform to the expectations and requirements of a client. We can take you on the traditional short helicopter ride or extend the duration to fit your preferences. Moreover, each of our helicopters can be furnished to accommodate small and large parties, without forfeiting our ability to provide the anticipated amount of luxury and class. read more...

Chicago Helicopter Ride Gifts

Gift Certificates

Due to overzealous helicopter operations, many assume the stigmas that constantly hover over helicopter services are true. Simply because there is no alternative belief out there. This vicious cycle simply strengthens these misbeliefs that helicopter services are a luxury most cannot afford. We see it as our moral obligation to eliminate this misconception be offering the only accessible and convenient helicopter service on the market. In order to do this, we are constantly expanding and evolving our service to eliminate the previous economic burden and increase the practicality of it. Now you can treat yourself or someone special to the excitement and luxury of a helicopter ride with one of our gift certificates. Our gift certificates are now the only affordable and convenient, yet spectacular gifts on the market and therefore the best way to show someone you care about them.

We do this by validating each gift certificate for two years from the date of purchase, while making them completely transferable to anybody or anywhere. Effectively making these gift certificates a safe, yet extraordinary option for anyone interested in flight. Experience the ultimate sense of excitement and anticipation with a helicopter flight. And we guarantee you will remember this experience forever.

Don't miss out on this rare opportunity to experience life in a new way! Contact 1-866-806-2456 right away to add luxury and animation to your next special event!