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Chicago Helicopter Charters has thrown away the playbook and started from scratch. Traditional methods and approaches to helicopter services only inflate prices while stripping the actual service of its quality and intended experience. Our fresh approach to the industry has secured us the opportunity to be the first ever affordable helicopter service, while maintaining complete reliability and quality of your experience. We do this by operating under a strict code of ethics, and, more importantly, constant innovations to make the service cheaper without forgoing any of the expected extravagances that naturally come with it.

We are prepared to guarantee you the experience of a lifetime. Chicago Helicopter Charters is unmatched in all their efforts from friendly and helpful customer service to unmatched views. Moreover, each and every one of our services is executed with utmost efficiency, dependability and safety. Our service is not ordinary by any means in these ways. But who wants to be ordinary anyway?

We have established and rightfully earned a reputation for being the leading helicopter service near Chicago, providing a distinguished variety of helicopter services including, but not restricted to, tours, rides, corporate charters, and government contracts. Our experienced staff is waiting for your call at 1-866-806-2456 to discuss which of our expansive range of services fits your interests and needs. Or simply contact us through the contact form below and we will respond shortly.

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Reliable and trustworthy businesses are in short supply these days. Don't trust your helicopter service to just any company; as it is a highly distinguished field that requires a specific sense of appreciation, preparation, efficacy, experience, and trust most of all. Contact us at 1-866-806-2456 today to get started!