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Trying to make sense of the world and life itself can be difficult, especially if you have the infinite wisdom to recognize how backwards people's priorities are.

If you live and breathe “civilized” Western culture, you are subject to the socially developed fallacy that you're doing one of two things. These being “working and paying your dues” or, on the opposite side of the spectrum, “being lazy”, and there is no middle ground. Enjoyment and completing happiness is greedy, work is good.

It is known that the general American workforce is discontent, simply because they are spoon fed a lie upon birth. That getting ahead, climbing the ladder, and consistent work are the driving force behind being happy.

This is simply not true. Any society with any sense of wisdom and intelligence can easily explain this simple truth, and that happiness is solely derived from human connections, fresh experiences and simply discovering yourself and what you like.

The reason so many people in the American workforce are unhappy is because they are being told a lie: getting ahead, scaling the ladder, or making more money are supposed to make you happy.

The American population foolishly assumes that countries with shorter work days, long vacations and an overall easier way of life, by comparison, make them lazy. This is simply wrong.

Life is meant to be experienced. Whether it be meeting new people or discovering the simple pleasures of existence, this is the only method to happiness. And what better way to explore new experiences than with a helicopter tour or ride gift certificate.

Helicopter rides have developed the common stigma denoting large financial expense, and simply a luxury most cannot afford. We make every effort to fight this misconception by making helicopter services, rides and tours, a widely accessible and convenient luxury for anyone. We do this to expand our scope through efforts to retain and grow an inexpensive and practical solution to this problem. Treat yourself or a friend to the luxury, anticipation and excitement of a helicopter ride with a gift certificate today. These uncommon, yet legendary, gifts make it the best way to show someone you care about them.

Each gift certificate is backed by the faith and full guarantee that they are valid for up to two years from the initial date of purchase, or when you receive the certificate. Typically, you receive the gift certificate through email within 2-24 hours of when you bought it. However, we understand the circumstances that can be incurred with a gift certificate. Maybe you move to another city or the person receiving the gift merely doesn't wish to go. We prepare for any and all obstacles by increasing the practicality of these certificates. We do this by implementing certain regulations as in each gift certificate is completely transferable to any individual, and can be redeemed at any affiliate location in our network throughout the United States.

The explicit cost of any tour or ride depends on its connection to the natural requirements and aspects of your reservation. Because we offer a varying range of tour and ride services, we understand the importance of determining which flight and its subsequent amenities fit your interests and expectations. Each tour differs in the aircraft used, time of flight and location, which helps determine the cost of your flight. Our specialized staff is specifically trained to pinpoint and ultimately mold the flight option to suit the interests and demands of your booking.

Moreover, helicopter rides and tours offer an unforgettable and should-be celebrated perspective of Chicago. Giving you the rare opportunity to see the landscape below in a way few can claim to have seen. Not to mention, a helicopter flight, regardless of illustrious and arresting views, of itself creates an experience few things can compare to.

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Treat yourself to the luxury of this experience and we will exceed your preconceptions and expectations of the trip.

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